Integrative Cancer Biology ICSB 2005 Workshop

Boston, MA; Sunday, October 23rd, 2005, The Conference Center at Harvard Medical (Bray Room); ICSB 2005; NCI's Workshop site

Supplementary Materials

Slides Additional material Time Talk title Speaker
NA NA 9 AM Introduction to NCI's Integrative Cancer Biology Program Dan Gallahan
R Scripts, Data and Paper 9:30 AM Two integrative cancer biology approaches to therapeutic gain Tom Radivoyevitch
NA Ciliberto model in R 10:00 AM DNA repair and p53/Mdm2/ATM Herbert Sauro
NA Abstract 11:00 AM Transcriptional subnetworks from limited expression data Debopriya Das
NA Paper
Model in R
1:00 PM Tumor growth dynamics Phil Hahnfeldt
NA Paper
Model in R
2:00 PM Dynamics of chronic myeloid leukemia Franziska Michor
Slides Paper
SEER R tools
R scripts for figures
3:15 PM Biologically-based risk modeling Georg Luebeck
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Related ICB educational material

One of the goals of this workshop is to develop educational modules that can be used in ICB courses such as EPBI 473.


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